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Ulterior Motive – Right Here / The Elephant Tune

Ulterior Motive – Right Here / The Elephant Tune


February 28th, 2013

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Ulterior Motive – Right Here / The Elephant Tune

Released : March 2013

The Metalheadz Juggernaut continues with META007

“Right Here” has been played by Friction a massive 6 weeks in a row as a personal show favorite, a true testament to a track that brims with sheer elegance, a killer combination of on point live drums that power through a back drop of silky female vox, all finely crafted for an end result that is guaranteed to light up any dance floor.

Featuring the trademark signature of Ulterior Motives stunning quality in production the track has also already been played on heavy rotation by scene heavyweights, Goldie, Hype, Andy C, Friction ahead of its hugely anticipated release, highlighting a clear stamp of approval on its credibility and proving that its definitely one not to be missed!

The flip sees Ulterior Motive enter the 140 territory with the massive “Elephant Tune” a gargantuan production of epic proportion that greatly illustrates the production outfit’s complete flexibility and versatility in any arena.

Backed up by big support on both Youngsta & Icicles Rinse FM shows and with additional support from people like Kryptic minds & J Kenzo, combined with huge online hype in all the forums Ulterior Motive step up to the 140 plate with killer effect to show that regardless of tempo they are a force to be reckoned with across all genres.