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Rickforce Presents Pressin Hard Records Vol 2

Rickforce Presents Pressin Hard Records Vol 2


June 6th, 2013

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***Release now available***

Pressin’ Hard Records 002 – 12″ Limited edition Vinyl & Digital Download!

“With years in the studio perfecting his sound, Ricky Force makes Jungle the only way it should be made: like it still matters.

‘Celestial’ nails the adventurous atmospheric style of ’93/’94 Jungle, capturing the bitter-sweet euphoria of a time when UK Rave culture was peaking – and the urgency of one last dance before dawn. Meanwhile, ‘Falling’ rolls out heavy but melodic, underpinned by the deepest of subs.

Fans of vintage Neil Trix, Intense, DJ Rap and early Good Looking should buy on sight. But if you missed out on the golden years of Jungle, this 12″ is the perfect place to begin your education.”

***Also available – Pressin’ Hard Records 001 Ricky Force “Dublin 1” and Ricky Force & Mecca “You’ll Never Know” available for digital download only***

A big big big thank you to all my fans, colleagues and fellow musicians who have supported me so far.. The very few here in Ireland… And the remaining majority around the globe. Without you folks – this is all impossible. Thank you so much 🙂

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Pressin’ Hard Records 003 is in the works and coming VERY soon!!!



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